• Decide if customized treatment is justified
  • If appropriate, CT scan data should be accessible for further 3D planning steps.
    Refer to our ct-scanning_guidelines_mss for further details.


  • Refer to Request Service mask to get in contact with MIMEDIS
  • Make CT data accessible to MIMEDIS (postmail)
  • You will receive a quote for your request which could be immediately used as an order form.


  • Collaboratively our engineering department will develop design studies until you agree the final design


  • Only few working days later you will receive the implant.
  • Washing and subsequent sterilization according to hospital standards is requested before implantation
  • You will be provided with detailed ‘instruction for use’ documentation.

Important notice to all surgeons potentially requesting Mimedis’ service:

In compliance with the applicable EU guidelines for medical devices (Annex I of MDD 93/42) and local laws, customized medical devices are only available in accordance with your written prescription as a medical doctor. Mimedis is a medical device company and does not possess specific medical knowledge. Therefore, any customized solution we provide is developed according to your design specification and responsibility.